Relationships among peers are the primary way that most pastors learn and grow in ministry. InterConnect can sort all the churches in the USA/Canada according to criteria that you select, until you find one that is interesting to you. You can then contact the pastor of that church, introduce yourself, and begin a relationship.

If you would like to further study a church before making contact, use the Nazarene Congregational Data Search. It is a powerful research tool run by Nazarene Research Services.

Here are several searches that are possible with InterConnect:

  • Find a church that began 5 years ago at the size you are now, and has since gained 100 new worship attenders.
  • Find another church of your size that has planted a church.
  • You are a wealthy church with dwindling attendance, or a church with a relatively small budget and many attenders. Find another church like yourself on the region.

NOTE: Please leave off “Church of the Nazarene" when conducting your search.

Please find your church: